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Iona (Founder of Soul Yoga)

Iona’s Yoga journey began almost 3 years ago whilst studying for her degree in Newcastle. At first she saw Yoga as another form of exercise, something purely physical to compliment her competitive sports background.

Gradually Iona began to realise that this perception of Yoga was flawed and that she had been practising yoga from an ego based mind, seeing it as a competition and comparing herself to others in the room.

Consequently her outlook and practice evolved as she began to integrate the spiritual & meditative aspects of Yoga, which in turn generated positive and beneficial effects on her life both physically and mentally.

Iona’s philosophy has evolved to demonstrate that Yoga isn’t simply defined by it’s physical aspects, but is an ever evolving combination of asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing) and meditation.

Yoga has taken Iona to Sri Lanka and India, the birthplace of Yoga where the deeper she explored the path of Yoga the more it began to open up within her.

Iona is currently teaching daily classes in Mirissa, Sri Lanka, check the classes/events page for further detail.