India // Digestion of food or thoughts?

Digestion happens on many levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We all assume when we feel bloated it must be something we ate and focus so much on what we are putting into our bodies on a physical level. You've probably heard people refer to our gut as the second brain right? Then why don't we treat our gut the same way we do with our brain? Spend time thinking about how our thoughts manifest in the "second brain" or what a physical ailment is here to tell us on an emotional level.

We are all aware when our body doesn't digest something well. You feel bloated, lethargic and generally uncomfortable. Maybe this was down to an intolerance, bad food combining or eating to quickly. All signs that we need to spend more time giving thanks and love to the food we eat. With my love of food and nurturing the body with living organic foods I very quickly had to make some changes when I got to India. I realised how lucky I was at home to have access to these foods all year round, can afford them and have a place to cook and prepare mears, providing my body with vital nutrition. But something was very clearly missing, gratitude and love! With everything so available I forgot or maybe didn't even realise what a luxury it is to be able to eat like this? I didn't give any thanks or knowledge to the people who spend time growing, farming, harvesting, transporting and selling these goods. I was completely ignorant to the hard work that goes into the food production and realised how much we take for granted.

In india food is seen more as a means to survive but is always cooked with love. They might not have the same desires as us to have lengthy meals and eat purely to add fuel to the body. They also cook whatever is in season and waste nothing. They don't get angry when their avocados aren't rI've or there aren't any papayas available in winter!!! Every women I have met loves to cook and they spend their days shopping, preparing and cooking delicious meals for their families and friends. They eat off banana leaves with their hands with no need for fine china and the best silver but still with manners, gratitude and love.

So yes you might have to put up with eating something that you might not usually eat and yes you might get bored of rice, dosas and curry after a few months, but when you do find that amazing sprout sAlan the sense of gratitude is immense. It's not so much about what you eat but your attitude towards it. If you mentally digest and allow yourself to see the love that went into every ingredient and the making of the food, you begin to see it with a different perspective.

So digestion doesn't just happen on a physical level but also a mental and emotional level. Our emotional attachment to food is so strong, looking for pleasure and happiness to be found externally in what we are eating. Love and happiness are found internally so no matter what you have put down in front of you (as long as it's not meat- wouldn't trust that in India) you can find even the tiniest bit of love and gratitude for it.

As we realise the power the mind has over not just our tummies but our entire life we can begin to notice what else we might not be "digesting." Maybe those constant headaches aren't always linked to coffee or sugar but maybe a thought or emotion we aren't dealing with or allowing ourselves to digest?

So yes I am still very conscious of feeding my body with the most nutritious food I can find and how important it is. And no I am not saying if you gorge on chocolate cake and sugar your body will feel great. But also don't beat yourself up if you have a treat. It's all about balance both physically and mentally. It's about eating the food you can but more important eating it with love and gratitude and enjoying every part of it.

Om Namah Shivaya

Iona x

Quote from Dalai Lama

Quote from Dalai Lama

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