India // Synchronicity or Karma?

I'm sure you've all heard people say "oh how things are working in synchronisation or synchronicity" or "everything happens for a reason"?

Whilst travelling I have become more aware of synchronicity and have been noticing more and more things happening as a result of that. You begin to meet people, end up in situations and have some of the most amazing experiences by just trusting in the universe and allowing it to present you with weird and wonderful situations. There has been numerous times we have taken trips out to the shop or to visit somewhere and just as we arrived home the heavens opened. I often ask myself "why didn't we take longer deciding what tea to buy or why wasn't their a longer queue at the toll?" Is this by chance? Or is there something greater happening that we don't know and can't see?

We travelled with our friend Jean from Kanyukamari (the most southern tip of India) to Rameshwaram (the point where India joins Sri Lanka) and arrived without anywhere to stay. A kind tuk tuk driver drove us from guest house to guest for an hour determined to find us a place to stay. We have no choice in the end as all we had been told was "no foreigners, no foreigners". As we showered Jean sat outside the hotel where he met Krishna, an Indian man all dressed in a white who randomly approached him and offered to show him some local places. We ended up spending three days with him, walking 10km to the fishermans village where India joins Sri Lanka, finding deserted beaches, visiting the Shiva temple under this amazing tree and being blessed in the temple by the holy water with our own holy man (a temple only Indians are allowed in). I asked myself, "Why did all those guests houses says no, leaving us with no option of where of stay? "Why did Jean decide to sit outside when he did and meet Krishna?"

Auroville is the biggest example of synchronicity or happening at the right time. When we arrived both Jenny I were ill for 24-36 hours which was most likely a result of long overnight trains, lots of new things to take in and constantly being on the move. I know you're probably thinking "oh what a tough life" but travelling especially as two young girls in India can become exhausting. The moment we allowed ourself to rest the it gave body a perfect opportunity to get rid of anything we had picked up along the way. I did find it difficult when we first arrived constantly looking for something to do and not allowing myself to just relax. But sometimes you need the universe to put what is best for you right in front of your face! I've got to say I am slowly beginning to love being "monsooned" in at our lovely garden guest house with only reading, writing and yoga to keep us occupied. You could say this was by chance but for me I believe theirs something greater in charge of all of this, with the rain making it feel like home whilst giving us the time to rest before we move on.

With the flow of synchronicity and the feeling that places and people are brought to you as a result of that you begin to lose any sense of planning or need to plan. Our natural instinct to constantly plan and book where and when we are going slowly becomes less and less important. You begin to "go with the flow" and instead of getting angry that your scooters battery has died whilst being caught in the monsoon you just flow with it. Life goes on no matter how big or small these "hiccups" are, it's a shame I've had to come to India to realise!!

All of this might seem crazy to you but you may also believe in something or someone greater, maybe God, the Creator, Divine, whatever you like to call it. Or maybe this is all a result of karma? India is showing me to trust in the universe and everything you are ready for will begin to appear in weird and wonderful ways.

Om Namah Shivaya

Iona x

Follow your heart

Follow your heart

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