Since starting classes with Soul Yoga I have noticed a real difference in my strength, flexibility and overall peace of mind! I had tried some different yoga classes in the past but had been reluctant to return to many of them. Iona and Louise offer a warm and friendly atmosphere where all abilities are welcome and encouraged. Their evening classes are a great place to de-stress during the week and with new steps being taught at each class, it is great to feel like you are learning something new each week. I would thoroughly recommend anyone who is thinking of starting yoga to join SY.

Kate Foubister,

Iona and Louise create a truly calm, peaceful and positive environment in which to improve your yoga practice. Their sessions have shown me how much more I can do with my body by using my breath to guide me. They are patient and sensitive teachers who take the time to pay each member of the class individual attention. Can thoroughly recommend for any beginners or those who have done a little yoga before.

Faye Franklin,

Although not technically a beginner, Iona and Louise’s classes have allowed me to refocus and further my practice, which had been neglected for a few months due to a stressful work life.  Suitable for complete beginners and also those wanting to focus on alignment and a more rounded practice, Iona and Louise lead wonderful classes which leave me feeling energised, calm and positive.

Antonia Lambert,