Like the overgrown weeds that cover the untouched garden this is how our thoughts create the ego and cover our self. As we begin to remove the weeds and their roots the garden becomes clear and beautiful, so by removing our thoughts through yoga and meditation we can slowly uncover our self and detach from the ego .

Iona Walker

Welcome!The most effective therapy against stress

Soul Yoga wish to represent the coming together of mind, body and spirit. Soul Yoga constantly strives towards openness and bringing yoga to all aspects of life. Therefore promoting a conscious life, aiming not to isolate from reality, instead to live life to the full, consciously.

why us?The combination of meditation & self-realization

Soul Yoga promotes yoga for everyone, each class tailored to the individuals within it. Students will be guided through all aspects of yoga, experiencing different styles and sequences, allowing the individual to explore for themselves what yoga has to offer.

Classes and retreats will give participants a chance to think about aspects of life in a different way. They also aim to bring a lightness and joy to all time spent together.

Soul Yoga classes are available in London, Edinburgh and Pitlochry on a weekly basis, they also offer weekend retreats. Please see the class section for more details.